ScyMed® "Medical Decision Systems

ScyMed is a medical information company developing medical decision systems and clinical application software programs for Physicians and healthcare professionals.
ScyMed's mission is to create, develop and market integrated, web-based medical applications (online | mobile). Built by Physicians for Physicians and healthcare professionals, these "Productivity tools" are patient-centered, and harmonize clinical & business processes, they help providers in the management, processing, and organization of Patient's medical data.

ScyMed is bound to become the leader in the application of information management technologies to the healthcare delivery industry. Unlike other companies and programs, ScyMed's Medical Apps specifically target clinical and medical processes, the very "guts" of medical care.
In the words of our President & CEO, "The healthcare system is requiring more and more 'evidence-based', 'Patient-specific', ‘just-in-time’ data, information and knowledge for physician decision-support systems to meet comprehensive and dynamic healthcare management needs. ScyMed is well positioned to develop these systems and applications."

Medical Decision Systems
ScyMed's programs are unique medical decision systems and clinical tools.
MediCalc® 8 performs automatic computation of hundreds of medical formulas & equations. It not only allows Physicians to do what they already do faster and more accurately, but also enables them to perform (for the first time in modern Medicine) "What If" analysis of actual clinical scenarios of real life patients on a routine basis with ease and reliability.
eH&P 4 is the most innovative, comprehensive and up-to-date resource for the History & Physical Examination. The system features all sections of Clinical Methods and incorporates hundreds of specific-H&Ps. Stay tuned for the Patient-Specific Level....
These versions have been re-written in Javascript, CSS, DHTML, XML, Objective C, MedML® & Ajax technologies, they are designed as part of the ScyMed® xSum™ platform and will allow the development of disease-specific and patient-specific clinical tools for systematic, standard, integrated processing and management (CIPS).

@ the intersection of Med, Biz & Tech
ScyMed is at the crossroads of Medicine, Business & Technology, developing the infomation systems that integrate evidence-based medicine, standards of care, best business practices and leading edge technologies (like AJAX and MedML® -Medical Markup Language-).
ScyMed's applications are state of the art, user-friendly and feature intuitive graphical interfaces. The company is taking advantage of the Internet's flexibility, openness and power to design integrated "browser-based" and "mobile" applications in many languages.
ScyMed's tools run in the cloud (nubium™), they are internet, intranet, PC, and mobile-ready (iPhone, iPad, Android, WebApp) simplifying access, distribution and maintenance. Click on the links above to learn more.