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ScyMed® continues to lead the way with its thoroughly revised, updated and integrated version of MediCalc® 8 , the most advanced clinical reference, productivity and decision support tool for physicians and healthcare professionals in the market today!

Compute. Analyze. Process. Manage.™
MediCalc® 8 is a comprehensive Medical Calculator System™, it performs automatic computation of hundreds of clinical formulas, equations and scores commonly used in medical practice. It is the 'standard for clinical calculations and quantitative analysis in Medicine'.

Check the Master MultiCalx™ panels and do all your calculations from one single page! See the new , and the , , , , , and hundreds more...
See also the MultiCalx™ master panels with multiple equations for combined calculations: .

This new version has been re-written in MedML® & Ajax technologies, it is designed as part of the ScyMed® xSUM® platform and will allow the development and integration of disease-specific and patient-specific clinical tools (CIPS™).

MediCalc® facilitates organization and management of Patient's data (see ). It features more than 1000 calculator panels and offers full Printing capabilities. It is a physician-friendly™ application, intuitive and very easy to use. Please click on the links to learn more about it.


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