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Introducing... iDox® 2 "Intelligent Medical Documents"
by ScyMed, in November 2016.

iDox® for the EMR is a breakthrough! and represents the most innovative clinical app for patient care, physician productivity, best practices and optimal documentation.

The application incorporates more than 500 disease-specific, structured, interactive Medical Templates (H&Ps and Progress Notes). Its modular design allows quick and efficient access to >2000 clinical objects (macros/scripts).

More than 250 Diagnoses are harmonized for best practices and ICD-10, assuring total medical quality and optimal coding for capturing acuity, SOI, ROM, MCC and RW. It will significantly improve clinical workflows in the hospital. It also includes hundreds of links to MediCalc® .

iDox® recaptures the primary purpose of the Notes: Tell the patient story and communication. It organizes, automates and standardizes clinical processes.

Designed to smoothly run "on" the EMR (not "in" the EMR).
EMR-ready (Epic, Cerner and more...) Stay tuned...

ScyMed is a medical information company developing Medical Decision Systems and clinical application software programs for Physicians and healthcare professionals.
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ScyMed iSYS

iDox® App
mobile companion
to the EMR System

release date:
Feb 2017.