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eH&P "custom History & Physical Exam" is the most innovative Medical Application Software Program for the History & Physical Examination, Progress Notes, and Clinical Checklists.
The first clinical qualitative data analysis and processing tool in the market since 2001.

eH&P is a user-friendly application, it includes Disease-specific and unique, custom Patient-specific H&Ps.
The application is available for the mobile and online platforms. It is "work in-progress". The system features two main sections: Clinical Methods and Specific H&Ps.

eH&P is designed for Physicians (MD), Residents, Medical Students, Physician Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Nurses (RN), and other qualified healthcare professionals.

eH&P incorporates core medical knowledge and performs hundreds of functions. With eH&P you can create, customize, personalize, review, check, print... Your H&Ps, Follow/Up Charts, Clinical Checklists, etc.
Some of the features include:

  • 400+ Disease-Specific H&Ps (and growing)
  • Millions of Patient-Specific H&Ps (custom, on-demand)
  • Printable formats (online)
  • Complete, Brief, S&S & Exe H&P Types
  • 1500+ signs & symptoms
  • unique color-coded disease-specific signs and symptoms
  • highly organized and standardized
  • Full Clinical Methods section
  • in-line hyperlinks for reference
  • In-depth information on Clinical Methods
  • Millions of Custom Clinical Checklists

    This new version has been re-written in MedML & Ajax technologies, it is designed as part of the ScyMed® iSYS platform and will allow the development and integration of disease-specific and patient-specific clinical tools (CIPS).


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