Welcome to the xSUM™ Web Site.

ScyMed will introduce xSum™ 2 "Custom Medicine®" towards the second quarter of 2017.

xSum™ is a BREAKTHROUGH! a unique and ingenious Clinical Care System (the missing "clincal piece" of the EHR). It represents "the new chart".

This innovative SaaS, cloud-based, integrated system is built around clinical workflows & is aligned with physician thought processes.
xSum extracts (from any EHR), organizes, process and displays patient medical information, facilitating management, clinical documentation and analytics (at the patient-specific level).
The application will be fully integrated with MediCalc® and eH&P™ , it is being developed with ScyMed's MedML® & Ajax technologies (cloud | mobile).

Physicians and healthcare professionals will be able to create and access Custom, systematic, on-demand (disease-specific & patient-specific™) Medical Dashboards, Clinical documents, interactive Templates, and Analytics for patient data processing, etc.

ScyMed is a medical information company developing Medical Decision Systems and clinical application software programs for Physicians and healthcare professionals.
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ScyMed iSYS

release date:
2nd quarter 2017.