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"Medical Markup Language"

MedML® stands for Medical Markup Language, it is ScyMed's proprietary –copyrighted, trademarked & patent-pending– software programming language. It represents the backbone of ScyMed's programming architecture for clinical and medical information processing, organization and management.

MedML® is an extension of XML (extensible markup language), it works with Javascript, HTML, XHTML, CSS, and AJAX technologies. MedML® is reliable, scalable, versatile and incredibly flexible. ScyMed develops tomorrow's information systems that harmonize & integrate evidence-based medicine, standards of care, best business practices and leading edge technologies.

The xSum™ platform will allow the development and integration of disease-specific and patient-specific clinical tools and Clinical Information Processing Systems. Come back soon to learn more about them and experience them for yourself.

    ScyMed is a medical information
    company developing Medical Decision
    Systems and clinical application
    software programs for Physicians and
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MedML 'Medical Markup Language'